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Vasu D.

2 mins read

How to Install terminator on Ubuntu/Debian

Learn all about Terminator and its installation on ubuntu and debian based systems using apt package manager.

What is Terminator ?

Terminator is just another terminal app for Linux. We personally recommend using terminator as your default terminal app because of these awesome features that comes with it :

  • Tons of customisable keyboard shortcuts
  • Terminator allows you to arrange multiple terminals on one screen in a grid-like structure
  • You can have multiple layouts and profiles saved as preferences
  • Allows support for third party plugins to add even more features to it
  • It's open-source ❤️

For more info on terminator, visit their official github repo :

Install Terminator with apt package manager

Open your default terminal, and update system packages with command :

sudo apt update

Once your packages has updated, install terminator with command :

sudo apt install terminator

Yes, yes it is like downloading chrome with Internet explorer xD

Unable to find package terminator ?

If for some reason your ubuntu version is unable to find terminator package, we recommend adding the official terminator ppa repository first. Run the following command on your terminal :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mattrose/terminator

Once you are done executing the mentioned command, run the install steps mentioned above again.

, and that's it. You have successfully installed terminator on your ubuntu/debian system. Enjoy the productivity boosts that comes with!

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